Small kitchen remodeling ideas

Kitchen designs for small kitchens

kitchen remodeling – In addition to their small area, some kitchens multiply the constraints by a quirky arrangement, the presence of a boiler, several doors, windows. So it’s not much room to place furniture. Faced with this puzzle, a board of professionals can be helpful. These master all the ropes and know how to find solutions in the management of this type of configuration. However, some tricks can help.

Small kitchen remodeling ideas
Small kitchen remodeling ideas

A successful kitchen must be functional and aesthetically harmonious. Kitchen must successfully meet all the electrical equipment needed for daily life: the dishwasher and the washing machine at times when there is no possibility to install it in the bathroom, through the inescapable: ovens, fridge, cooker and hob and offer plenty of storage space. In a configuration very small, the professional help is always welcome. He can propose solutions to overcome constraints and achieve the result you want. Before going to see, make your specifications without telling you beforehand that this is not possible. Express your wishes him all. He alone can judge whether it is feasible or in this case you do different layout proposals.

However, some tricks can help you:

  • The layout for a small kitchen is usually the plan I: the straight line well developed. The plan L is to be avoided because the return is 60 cm. He preferred to think of space, even in a small area.

Small kitchen plan

  • Consider preserving the aesthetics. All appear more smooth and refined, the more you will feel save space. The boiler, gas or electric meter, pipe … can hide behind a facade, for example.
  • To maximize storage space, they can climb to the ceiling. There are always units that can not be used only occasionally and who may well be stored in the kitchen.
  • Emphasize the practical storage furniture low angle type “Space corner” or “Magic Corner”, furniture tops folding door or under a system of opening more practical deep drawers designed so clever for storage optimal.

A double-door metal trays, hinged completely out of his kennel.The system applies to folding doors, overhead, falling parallel or lifts. Whatever the chosen door, it opens effortlessly with gentle movements and stops at each of its opening. The race ends at the height you want. Blumotion system, which supplements, offers a close smoothly and silently. Handy drawers to accommodate all that needs to be stored in a kitchen, starting with pans, pots, casseroles heaviest, dishes and all the pantry, including bottles.

  • Take appropriate appliances: a dishwasher 45 cm, to be placed vertically, a combination oven microwave oven or a vapor, a telescopic hood … Through integration, the cold can be attached to the hot. This is not recommended in freestanding.
  • Lay out your credenza. In that it offers an additional storage location and very handy when it comes to having easy access to some utensils.

The appearance is preserved, a complete equipment. The result is a kitchen easy to live where everything is at hand.

Small kitchen remodeling ideas

A beautiful kitchen design can only be created by a perfect combination of all of the above elements. The best kitchen design and layout will offer you the ease of movement around the kitchen, accessibility to food, utensils, and cooking apparatus. Moreover, you should feel comfortable in the kitchen.

Replace Your Cabinets

Another great idea to change the appearance of your kitchen is to replace or reface the kitchen cabinets. Maybe your cabinets are showing their age or perhaps they have some problem areas. One option is to totally replace these cabinets with new ones, which can be rather expensive. If you want to save some money, refacing the cabinets can be a better idea. You can change the color and finish, and add new handles, hinges, and pulls as well. When you are done, you’ll have cabinets that look brand new without the cost of brand new cabinets.

Refer good cabinetmakers before setting up the cabinets in your kitchen as generally most cabinet layouts don’t fit in perfectly in any specified space. To make everything fit in well, mark the plumbing reference lines on the walls which would make the work easier and leave the symmetry undisturbed.

Refinishing existing appliances

You can also fit into your newly remodeled kitchen by revamping your existing appliances. Instead of shelling out your hard earned money over new appliances and sink, you can seek the services of companies that offer refinishing your existing appliances and sinks in whatever color you want. You can also change the look of your dishwashers, refrigerators, and stoves these days as they come with changeable panels. This will in turn add up to huge savings.

New Color

Renovating the kitchen with color can be elaborate or easy depending on your own plans. Make a plan of the design first. What are your intentions? Do you want a complete overhaul of color or simply introducing splashes of additional hues to the space? Examine the surface of your kitchen to determine what needs to be done for designing and remodeling. You can paint the cabinetry in an array of decorative finishes. For example, soft, whitewashed cabinet fronts can evoke a coastal cottage, while deep-toned, distressed finishes can make a mountain retreat out of an ordinary kitchen. This is great color combination for most kitchen designs.

Make proper investment on the permanent aspects of the kitchen like the cabinets and countertops. Laminating is a good and economical option as it also looks elegant with a patterned finish or trimmed with wood edging.
Popular color motifs for modern European kitchens include neutral shades like beige, eggshell, and grey.

Change the Decoration

Changing the decorarion is another way that you can remodel your kitchen and improve the appearance. You may have a kitchen that has outdated colors in it, but that is something simple that you can change. adding new colors and a new type of décor is a wonderful way that you can make the entire kitchen look better.

Lastly, don’t be afraid to take some of the more extravagant kitchen remodeling ideas and put them in your own kitchen. Some of the things that are really popular are the butler’s galley and having an under counter tv installed.


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